Disability resource ( acquired brain injury- alcohol or toxin)

Hi everyone, this week’s topic of disabilities brings up a really important area of care that often gets overlooked. We want to use this discussion as an opportunity to learn more about various kinds of disabilities that exist, and the types of community resources that are able to help support patients and families. While doing this, we’re also going to be practicing some important skills, including: building confidence with video posts, recognizing patient/family needs, and identifying local resources to help them. We’re also going to practice finding scholarly journal articles and using APA citations with references. Best of all – we’re going to do this in a fun, meaningful way! 

The types of disabilities that we are going to focus on for this week’s discussion include the following:
Physical DisabilitiesIntellectual DisabilitiesVision ImpairmentDeaf or Hard of Hearing
Neurological DisordersAcquired Brain InjuriesProgressive Health DisordersAutism Spectrum Disorder
Each student will pick a different type of disability to explore further. Only one student can pick a category, so come in early to “stake your claim” by posting the type of disability in the subject line of your post. (If you post on one that someone else selected first, you will not earn credit for you work, so please pay attention to what your classmates have already selected.) 
This discussion will include both a video post and some written information.
By midnight Thursday, please do the following:
1) Research your selected type of disability and provide a brief summary of what types of conditions or situations fall into this category. (Include this in your video.)
2) Research 2 agencies or programs in your community that would be able to support and/or provide services or resources for individuals living with this type of disability. Provide a brief summary for each agency/program, addressing the services they could provide, as well as if there is a cost, how someone qualifies, etc. (Include this in your video – people should be listening & watching so they learn about what’s available.)
3) Use our Clarkson College online library to research databases. Locate 1 scholarly journal article that talks about a specific program or type of intervention used to help patients living with that type of disability. Prepare a 1-2 paragraph summary of what you learned, being sure to include APA in-text citations for quoted or paraphrased material. Include a reference list at the end. (Note: this should be covered in your video post and also needs to be typed in the discussion so I can read it and provide feedback on APA. Remember that I posted an APA Guide in our Course Resources section – the very first module of this course.)
You will then need to come back in and respond to classmates by midnight Sunday. In these peer responses, you will need to do the following:
1) Remark on the agencies or programs they selected — do they seem like a good fit? Do you have any concerns or reservations? Do you have any experience with this type of agency or program in the past?
2) Comment on the scholarly article they found and summarized. What is your reaction or response? What appear to be the strengths or limitations of this program or intervention?
** Please be sure everyone has at least one person who’s responded to their initial post, so that everyone’s work is valued and contributes to class learning.
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