Disagree Global Involvement Often American Histor

Disagree Global Involvement Often American Histor

Question A

“Domestic vs. Foreign Policy since 2000” Please respond to the following: Barack Obama changed the way that we dealt with some foreign policy issues but kept others from the Bush administration in place. Cite an example of one of President Obama’s foreign policies in which he continued the earlier policies and one in which he changed course. How did he implement each policy?

Extra Credit: tell us about a way that globalization has had an impact on your life.


Global involvement often means spending money abroad that many Americans think should be spent domestically. Give one example of foreign involvement from the Bush administration and one from the Obama administration in which you feel we should have kept our focus and spending on domestic issues instead of foreign affairs.

Bush Administration/Persian Gulf War – on August 2, 1990 Iraq invaded Kuwait (it’s neighbor). The President of Iraq, Saddam Hussein held designs on Kuwait’s oil, wealth and land. Intelligence agencies watched Iraqi’s military buildup along the border with Kuwait – the United States and Iraq’s neighbors’ (the Arab’s) didn’t believe that Saddam Hussein planned to invade the small country – to its South. However, they misread Hussein’s intentions. This invasion violated international law – and the Bush administration was alarmed at the thought/prospect of Iraq controlling Kuwait’s oil resources. I think/feel that we should have stayed out of this war, and this is the problem – we continue to fight and get involved in everyone else’s battles/problems/issues – when we should focus on what is happening here in our own country.

Obama Administration/ISIS – as President Obama was near the end of his time in office, with plenty of crises from the ongoing terrorist threat posed by ISIS – to nuclear saber-rattling by North Korea. However; supporters have said that the United Stats is better positioned to deal with these challenges, and we can thank President Obama for his patient diplomacy throughout his time in office. This is what makes a great President, when he thinks before he acts or speaks and in being diplomatic in doing so as well. Unfortunately, for our country “terrorism” is our new normal – not something I ever experienced growing up, I feel badly for our children! Also important for us, is to have someone to lead our country who is diplomatic, calm, thinks it through before he speaks or acts!!

Cite two examples of domestic issues that have been neglected since the 2000 election.

Should there be more stricter laws on the current process of purchasing a gun – yes, there should be and I am appalled that this is not first priority for our current president.

America’s Incarcerated – may-be if we had stricter laws and a better justice system we would not have the highest rate of those in prison/jail – in which we are paying for as taxpayers.

Question B

Historical Event Influence – America History after 1865s -1960s

Choose one historical event covered in our class materials and discuss the effect that it has had on you, personally. Explain your response.

This is book I’m using -m Schultz, Kevin M. (2018). HIST5: Volume 2: U.S. History Since 1865 (Student edition). Boston: Cengage.