Discussion 3 : Aspects of effective professional emails

Discussion 3 

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For this discussion, we will be researching aspects of effective professional emails. Your posts should discuss qualities of an effective professional email. Find a reliable source on the Internet that discusses professional emails.  Write notes of at least four things that are important to remember when you are writing a professional email.  Here are some possible resources: 

What to Write in Your Discussion Response

When you write your response, include the following heading and information:

Four Attributes of Effective Professional Emails 

Here, include four attributes of effective emails that you found from an online resource.  For each attribute, give a two to three sentence explanation regarding why that attribute is important. 

Be sure to give the correct APA citation for the source.  The OWL Purdue website is one of the most popular. Click  to visit the OWL site. 

Responding to Peers 

When you respond to your peers’ posts, comment on at least two attributes of the email that are done well, then respond to the content of the posts.  Your reply should be written in full sentences and demonstrate that you have read the post thoughtfully.