The presenters should review the rubric and instructions posted in Week 1.  Presentations are due from these students Monday by 11:59 pm.  Presentations should be uploaded both here AND in Week 1 where it will be graded.

The rest of the class should actively engage the discussion.  Think of this space in much the same way as you do classroom conversation.  

Begin by reading the assigned texts.  Read actively–meaning take notes, underline, question, challenge the texts.  Then view the Conversation Starters prepared by your classmates.  Bring your thinking about the assigned materials to the discussions.  Take the title "Conversation Starters" literally.  They are just a place to begin the conversation.  The discussion should grow

Here are some questions to help you think about it:

What aspects of the material seem particularly insightful?  What ideas challenge your thinking?  How do the presentations help illuminate the texts?  Are there glaring omissions that need to be considered?  Discuss the relevancy.

You will be evaluated on the quality (as opposed to quantity) of your engagement.