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In this assignment you will need to write an essay from 500 to 1500 words regarding the life of Cabeza de Vaca after watching the following video entitled “All the World is Human.” You will need to upload your paper as an attachment. 

Your task is to analyze the choice of de Vaca to become a conquistador, trader, and healer while living among the Native Americans of Texas and Mexico.  Please focus on the consequences of that choice, his transformation over time, and how it impacted him as well as his companions. 

As Cabeza de Vacas role begins to shift from conqueror of the Native American groups to dependent upon their goodwill or lack thereof, his attitude toward the local populations begins to shift.  Consider Cabeza de Vacas transformation from a strictly colonial mindset to that of a more hybrid mentality while living among “the other.”

The theme of transformation and conversion, both individual and collective, is present throughout his journey. The story of Cabeza de Vacas is an example of subjective historical experience.  That means there are many interpretations of the story.  Your essay will be critiqued upon your ability as to explain the consequences of his choices.  What other options did he have?  Did his decision resolve his dilemma as a shipwrecked Spaniard who came to the New World seeking fame and fortune?  How did his choices and circumstances while living among Native Americans effect him once he returned to Spanish society?  What impact did his decisions have upon him and the place of Cabeza de  Vaca in history.

Your paper will be evaluated using the following criteria at 


  • Identify/Explain a crucial decision made by a Texas leader or representative body and describe options for resolving that dilemma
  • Describe/Discuss consequences that evolved from the choice.
  • Describe/Discuss the impact of this decision across the historical, social, political, economic, cultural, and global forces on Texas history.
  • Assess/Evaluate whether the decision made and actions taken resolved the initial dilemma, or if additional predictable or unforeseen consequences resulting from this decision could have been avoided or improved upon.