Personal computers have contributed to the growth of both small and large scale businesses.

Personal computers have contributed to the growth of both small and large scale businesses.

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Personal computers have contributed to the growth of both small and large scale businesses. This is because of the innovation in the field that has led to user friendly applications that require little to no training and increases the productivity. Increased productivity implies more work done in a given period of time and hence more revenue generated.

Following are the ways in which computers have contributed to business success-

Sharing information and resources- Computer networks allow for easy and quick information transfer even if the two communicating computers are not in a single room. There is no limit to the data being transferred. This has led to companies working out of different locations or countries to get the work done as quickly as possible. Working on a product or service round the clock implies quicker delivery and hence bringing in more clients to add to revenue.

E-commerce- Communication between computers and servers has caused a boom in the e-commerce space. Today an individual can buy or sell items from his personal computer sitting at home and the item will be picked or delivered at his doorsteps. This has led to development in the field of B2C (business-to-consumer), B2B (business-to-business), C2C (consumer-to-consumer), G2C (government-to-consumer), or P2P (peer-to-peer). Individuals can start a business without the requirement of a huge team.

Increased business visibility- The Internet has led to increase in visibility of businesses. Customers need to only search for keywords and they will be provided with a list of products or services that satisfy their needs. This is helping both the businesses and customers to connect quickly and buying a product quickly with a single click on the screen. The customer can also look at the reviews before buying the product.

Reduced capital expenditure- Development in the field of Virtual Machine provides secure and easy access to employees to the office server using the internet from any location. Working from has become hassle free and this reduces the cost of infrastructure such as office buildings, conference rooms. Meetings can be attended by logging into secure virtual rooms which do not require physical room to be scheduled prior to the meeting. This increases flexibility and productivity.


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Four ways that networks contribute to business success.

As we all know in today’s generation every organisation wants to have a proper network in the company system of the association so that with the help of network the organisation can contribute more productivity in the product as well as higher quality of products in the market which will impact the organisation more profitable in the trades (, 2019).

Network contribution is not only a major contribution for the organisation but also it is one of the major requirement for the company without which the organisation cannot become highly successful in the market and therefore, there are many ways in which network contribute towards business success which needs to understand by the top management of the organisation appropriately because then only the organisation can enjoy more profitable in the market. Because of proper network the organisation can get a proper brand image in the trade which is a very useful factor for the associations because if the brand image and the Goodwill of the organisation is increased in the markets in definitely many people can easily get attracted towards the organisation which will help the association to become more expandable in the market. With the help of network, the organisation can get many opportunities because of having appropriate amount of internet connection in the workers of the company so that due to this reason many organisation can easily become more innovative and creative in the markets which can be very helpful factor for the Association in the trade. Because of network many employees of the organisation can gain their confidence in the trade because, they can easily do various activities appropriately without even facing any kind of problems in the workforce of the organisations and therefore with the help of proper network in the workplace of the companies the employees of the association can become more confident in the market which can help the career of the employee to grow more profitably in the trades (Oksana, 2018).


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Answer preview Personal computers have contributed to the growth of both small and large scale businesses.

Personal computers have contributed to the growth of both small and large scale businesses.


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