Exploratory Paper topic proposal–What is the Problem

Exploratory Paper topic proposal–What is the Problem

This exploratory paper will be completed in four stages: (1) the research topic proposal, (2) and annotated bibliography, (3) a final written exploratory essay, and (4) a class presentation. Each step in the exploratory paper process is outlined below.


STEP 1: Exploratory Paper topic proposal–What is the Problem?

A subject of an exploratory paper is the general content. Subjects are broad and general. For example:

  • Problems of Race and Racism
  • Problems of Gender and Gender Inequality
  • Problems of Health

The topic of an exploratory paper, in contrast, is the specific issue being discussed. Here are some examples of possible topics for an exploratory paper developed from the previous subjects:

  • Problems of Racism
    • Racial Inequality in Policing
    • The Racial Wealth Gap
  • Problems of Gender Inequality
    • The Glass Ceiling in Politics
    • Me Too Movement: Challenging Sexual Harassment and Violence
  • Problems of Health
    • Food Deserts, Food Swamps, and Obesity
    • Structural Adjustment Programs and the AIDs Epidemic

Requirements for Step 1 :

  1. Identify social problems subject area you are interested in studying.
  2. Identify a topic in that subject area you think you’d like to learn more about.
  3. Write a 1-2 page (typed, double spaced, 12pt font) summary on the social problem topic that you have selected to investigate for your research project. Explain why it is an important social problem to study.

Requirements: MLA | Other | 1 pages, Double spaced

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Exploratory Paper topic proposal--What is the Problem

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