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APA 7th ed. in-text citation format:

APA in-text citation format when the source is used at the beginning of a sentence: Author/Authors (Year).

APA in-text citation format when the source is used at the end of a sentence: (Author/Authors, Year).

If your last name begins with A-M: Complete DQ for Chapter 8 as the required original post, then complete DQ for Chapter 9 for the required reply post.

Chapter 9 Discussion Question: How do humans develop into moral beings? How do we determine what is right and wrong? Kohlberg’s Theory of Moral Development/Reasoning answers these questions. Kohlberg proposed that moral development is a continual process that occurs throughout the lifespan. Kohlberg presented a series of moral dilemmas and interviewed individuals to determine the reasoning underlying their answers.


For this discussion, read the ‘Heinz Steals the Drug’ moral dilemma below; it was used by Kohlberg to develop his theory.


Heinz Steals the Drug Moral Dilemma
Heinz has a dying wife, a drug could cure her cancer but was very expense (the

maker of the drug was charging 10 times what the drug cost him to make – $200

to make, but charged $2,000); Heinz exhausted all of his possibilities, but was

only able to get half of the money; Heinz offered to pay the drug maker the rest

later, but the maker of the drug refused. Heinz later steals the drug (Kohlberg,

1963). Do NOT change any of the information in the dilemma when you respond.


Using your textbook and the video, and including APA Style, 7th ed. in-text citations in your discussion, respond the following prompts:

Should Heinz have stolen the drug?  Why or why not?

Would you have stolen the drug? Why or Why not?

Now, watch the video below and then identify the stage you think are in and explain why you think you are in that stage. Provide two specific examples from your personal life that supports that you are indeed in that stage.




Personally, I do not think it was right for Heinz to steal the drug. I feel like this may come off as me being insensitive to the situation, but in my opinion stealing is morally wrong. If I were in this position I would do whatever I could in the time that I had left to come up with the rest of the money, or find other options to obtain the drug like seeking out another pharmacist who would sell the drug for cheaper. I personally think I am in stage one, obedience and punishment. This stage explains that people think there are a set of rules in place by authority figures that everyone should abide by (123Devan456, 2011). The preconventional level of reasoning, children will make their decisions based on the punishment that they might endure (Pastorino & Doyle-Portillo, 2019). Although this stage usually adheres to younger children, it is something my morals strongly stand by. Since my father is a part of law enforcement, I have always grown up with lectures about what is right or wrong by the state of law. Considering this, I have always completed actions by considering whether or not I will be punished if I act a certain way, therefore since stealing is wrong and you could go to jail for it, I would not have stolen the drug. The first example of this in my life is when I was when my younger sister entered middle school she had the same classes that I had when I was in 6th grade, and therefore she had most of the same projects as me as well. One day she came home and asked me if she could use one of my old projects since she did not want to put in the work for her own project since I had already completed it three years earlier. Due to the fact that I did not want to get in trouble by my parents, and I knew this was plagiarism and I didn’t want my sister to be punished at school, I told her that she needed to complete her own project. Another example, which is a little sillier, is from when I was very young. When I was about 6 years old, my mom and I went into Target and I saw a bouncy ball without a tag in the toy section. This made me think that I could steal the bouncy ball without getting caught. I hid it in my pocket as my mom and I walked in the store, but before we left I became so overwhelmed with guilt and the fear of being caught and punished that I told my Mom that I had it and I went and put it back.