Drive Thru Customer Melodi Assignment Activity

Drive Thru Customer Melodi Assignment Activity

McNugget’s for Breakfast?

McDonald’s drive thru customer Melodi Dushane took measures to the extreme when informed that McDonald’s does not sell Chicken McNuggets in the morning. She physically attacked the server and tried to climb into the drive through booth by smashing the window.

Such incidents will stress even the most experienced service workers. Comment on what training could be provided to customer facing staff to deal with this type of customer misbehavior?

Fun in the Air .

The trend of flight attendants choosing to sing the safety announcement may represent another strategy to cope with the monotony and conflict within the role. encourages their flight attendants to incorporate personality into their interactions with customers. As one attendant tells passengers “I have done 5 flights today and another regular announcement will put me to sleep.” He then raps the announcments accompanied by the passengers as seen here.. must monitor these practices however, in extreme cases the role conflict and ambiguity can lead to acts of service sabotage. These acts serve to regain control, or a sense of it, for the service provider. In some cases such sabotage is kept private – smaller portions or bad beer for difficult customers. In other cases it manifests in more public ways with whole teams of service providers playing games and tricks on each other, through the customers or on customers directly. This

represents a breakdown in service but it is much more common than we think. A survey of 182 first line service personnel found that 90% accepted behavior with malicious intent to reduce or spoil service. In this example, whether the pilots describing the fire arms they had with them in the cockpit were intending to deter terrorists or were engaged in service sabotage remains to be decided.

Compare the service aspects of both interactions with customers and comment on how you would manage the creative delivery of information to these flight customers