Dynamic Systems essay

Dynamic systems is a contemporary theory that is commonly used to explain motor development.
Choose one aspect of the theory (e.g. attractors) and explain how it is observed and/or explains a part of
motor development (e.g. crawling). Use specific examples to support your position.

All assignments are to be 3‐4 pages (3 full page minimum, 4 page maximum – not including title page or
references), double spaced, 1 inch margins, 12 pt font. All assignments are due at midnight of their due
date. Late assignments will receive 10% off per day (including weekends) for 3 days and after that the
grade will be a zero.
A minimum of 1 peer reviewed reference (e.g. the text books don’t count) is required for each
assignment. Referencing must be done in APA style in both the text and the reference list.