Early Literacy Development

Early literacy is critical for the development of early learners. Having the knowledge of letters, sounds, and how they work together, builds a foundation for reading and writing. It is important, as an educator, to provide early learners exposure to language, words, and books to support appropriate growth and development. 

Select a grade level K-3 and identify a state standard in two of the following areas: phonological awareness, alphabetical code, print concepts, and/or oral language. (You may use the grade of the field experience class.) Please use kindergarden is the grade I am choosing to do my field experiance on. I also need to know the stae standards that were choosen. Unline the state atandards. 

Based on the standards selected for the pre-assessments you created in Topic 1, identify 2-3 skills students would need to know. Create two developmentally appropriate and engaging activities that focus on the identified skill that could be implemented with a small group.
1. Select a phonemic awareness or phonics literacy standard
2. Create a learning objective aligned to the ELA standard to highlight the phonemic awareness or phonics skill on which you will focus
3. List the materials you will use during your small group activity
4. Describe the literacy activity and how it will be implemented
5. Discuss how you will assess the effectiveness of the lesson
Write a 250-500 word rationale explaining why you chose these particular activities and  how they can be modified to meet the needs of all learners.
Use 2-3 scholarly resources to support your choice of activities.
You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. Please do not Plagiarism in my paper because it will go through lopeswites and I do need a high score meaning it was plagiarism.