Ecosystem of Memory Draft

In his Guernica interview, Ken Liu offers, “In order to build a sustainable technological culture, we have to learn how we can function similarly as self-sustaining systems in nature.” Yet, sustainability requires more than imagination. It relies on memory, as well. Liu writes in “Bookmaking Habits of Select Species”:

Time devours all.

Yet every species has its unique way of passing on its wisdom through the ages, its way of making thoughts visible, tangible, frozen for a moment like a bulwark against the irresistible tide of time.

Everyone makes books.

Your mission: Make a book, of sorts. Don’t panic!  This is not what you think.


  1. Go outside, following all the safety protocols.

  2. Quiet your mind.

  3. Soften your gaze.

  4. Let your eyes wander until they fix on something natural, not constructed by humans.

  5. Consider the “life” of this natural thing. 


  7. Pass on your wisdom about these questions in writing and, perhaps, with visuals.

  8. This can be as brief as a page.

  9. Enjoy!