Egyptian Book of the Dead Paper

Last but not least, read through the British Museum’s brochure on their “Egyptian Book of the Dead” exhibit:


When you’re done, write a 350 – 450 word summary of the main terms, concepts and ideas of the brochure.  The point of this exercise is simply to familiarize you with the Egyptian Book of the Dead, and to consider what it can tell us about ancient Egypt.  

Note: for this assignment and for all the rest of the writing assignments in this class, TurnItIn has been enabled.  This is a plagiarism checking program that checks the words in your papers against millions of web pages, and returns a “percentage copied” rating.  So make sure the words in this paper – and in all the ones you turn in for this class – are entirely your own words.  If you quote something, put ” ” marks around it and cite where you got it.