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Inner cities have high crime rates, high unemployment, poor housing, poor healthcare, and a poor educational system, amongst many other issues. Minorities are known to be among the most marginalized groups in society. Ive always felt like the system is set up for minorities to become a product of their environment. When we look at the data, most of these communities are primarily populated by Blacks and Hispanics. America was built on segregation, the policies that were placed, allowed white Americans to build their wealth by buying property and attending good schools. On the contrary, people of color did not have that advantage. The system made it difficult for them to attain the same resources and opportunities. This resulted in deeply segregated communities and a wide gap between whites and non-whites that is still happening today. We must educate ourselves on the origins of racial conflict in order to understand the disparity in ALL areas. Power has always been used to aid the whites and detriment the people of color. Serena Williams experience highlights the unfortunate circumstances women of color face regularly in our healthcare system. They are under-served, under-valued, and unaccounted for. The reality is that the healthcare system in these communities is provided with insufficient funding; preventing patients from receiving primary care which in turn leads to complications and fatalities. Mimi Onuoha stated we find cultural and colloquial hints of what is deemed important and what is not. Spots that weve left blank reveal our hidden social biases and indifferences,. I agree. How can we change the system, if the people in power hide the dark truth? In order to fix the problem, one must acknowledge it