Enrollment in a geriatrics program

I would like to get the essay done to get enrolled into a program that offers the research oppurtunity in geriatrics.

the program name is concentration in geraritics . which will help the older population to manage the burden of the medications and help them in desprescribing

i want to get admitted to the graduate certificate program in medication safety

so i need a approx 500 word essay on. why i choose this program and wht is the importance of the medication safety as a. pharmacist

medication safety is important from the patient perspective to have the right drug for the right disease to avoid adverse effects

apart from this it is important in the community pharmacy and as well as in the idustrial pharmacy

So , i thought where ever I go i am dealing with the medications . so along with is safety is always a proprity for patients and health care professionals , so i want to learn more about the medication safety how i can maintain it on my work place and how i can implement in my daily practice