A 3-5 page APA-format essay on an issue raised in the article The Psychology of Place Attachment.

1. A smart, well-crafted thesis statement.
2. No use of secondary research yet. This essay is just for your ideas and the article.
3. Proper integration of ideas from the articles: use of quotes, paraphrasing, and summarizing.
4. Proper in-text citation of quotes, paraphrases, and summary: APA In-text Citations
5. Proper overall APA formatting
6. Well-written abstract
7. A Collaboration Report: 1-2 paragraph report of who you asked for help, at what stage in the writing process, the help you received, and what you did with it if you used it. Also, why you didnt use it if you didnt. This should be put at the end of the essay in the same document.