Ethical Dilemmas

Case Study 1:

A 15-year-old girl isdiagnosed with cancer. She is tired of chemotherapy and being in the hospital.She tells her parents and her doctors that she wants to terminate treatment andlive her final days at home and spending time with her friends.

Review thecase study from a medical social worker’s perspective and then briefly respondto the following:

      Provide an explanation of the ethical dilemma.

      Explain which ethical standards need to be considered and howthose standards may suggest different ethical courses of action.

      Explain how you might respond to the ethical dilemma as the girlsassigned medical social worker

      Explain two ethical responsibilities for a medicalsocial worker in response to this case.

Refer to the NASWCode of Ethics Ethics ) and specific references to the associated resources tosubstantiate your response. Include complete APA citations for all references.