Examining Latino Support for Descriptive Representation

Read the "Examining Latino Support for Descriptive Representation" article in the Readings folder.
Answer the following questions:
  1. What is the authors’ main claim? (Use your own words, not theirs).
  2. Restate the thesis in the form the value of ___ depends on ___. 
    Example, "the likelihood of possessing great wealth depends primarily on inherited wealth." Or "People’s evaluations of the attractiveness of strangers’ personalities vary according to their evaluations of the strangers’ physical attractiveness."
    In other words, what is the relationship between the dependent variable(s) and the independent variable(s)?
  3. What variables are measured in this study?
  4. What data collection methodology(s) is being applied?
  5. What is the one most important theoretical claim backing up the hypothesis? 
    Consider that there is a theoretical background that the authors bring into this study, prior to the data analysis. This is different from the theoretical conclusions that the authors wish to argue for.
  6. What pages constitute the "literature review?"