Experimental Design

Name: Jose Trejo
Central State University
Course: Research Methods (CRJ-2410-7GW)
Professor: Dr. Darrick Brake
This assignment is based on Chapter 7 of this textbook:
Research Methods for Criminal Justice and Criminology, 8th Edition
ISBN: 9781337517119
By: Michael G. Maxfield
Instructions: I want everyone to think about an experimental design or quasi design you would be interested in, picking a topic, and researching. I have provided some simple questions to answer but let your imagination run free for picking a topic and what steps you would take to design an experiment.  

*You are chosen selected to be the administrator of a social science experiment. How would you keep the treatment and control groups separate? Pick a research topic and explain how your design would account for diffusion or imitation of treatments. This research topic merely needs to follow the basics of the experimental design model and answer questions on control versus experimental groups and diffusion and imitation.  

I have uploaded the powerpoint and information given to us by the professor for Chapter 7. Thank you.