Final Film Analysis

Please submit your final film analysis.

Film Analysis Requirements

Feature films can provide vivid examples of concepts introduced in this class and through the text. The list of films below contains those suggested in the text (at the end of each chapter.) You MUST choose films from this list.

You will be required to submit 2 film analysis papers of approximately 350 – 500 words (roughly 1-2 double-spaced typed pages using 12 font and 1″ margins). One is due by Week 4 and the other by Week 6. Students should analyze and synthesize specific leadership theories and principles from the text and write about how these leadership concepts are demonstrated in the film. Grading will depend heavily on your ability to do so (see the rubric below).

Attention should be paid to form (including proper citations, grammar, punctuation, spelling and general appearance) as well as content.

You should not devote more than a paragraph or two (or 1/3 of the overall paper) to setting up the movie and explaining the plot & characters. Half of your paper should be spent discussing concepts from this course and using examples from the movie as support & evidence. Make sure you end with a good concluding paragraph.

Movie List

  • Chapter 1: Erin Brockovich or Elizabeth
  • Chapter 2: Remember the Titans or Patton
  • Chapter 4: Stand and Deliver or Rules of Engagement
  • Chapter 5: Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring or Apollo 13
  • Chapter 6: Twelve Angry Men or Hotel Rwanda
  • Chapter 7: Thirteen Days or Take the Lead
  • Chapter 8: or The Smartest Guy in the Room (Enron Scandal documentary)
  • Chapter 9: The Insider or Good Night, land Good Luck
  • Chapter 10: Tea with Mussolini or Whale Rider
  • Chapter 11: The Godfather or Lord of the Ring: Return of the King
  • Chapter 12: The Big Kahuna or Million Dollar Baby
  • Chapter 13: Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World

Film Analysis Grading Rubric

Content: (Up to 20 points)

The paper is focused and clear. Ideas are clear & supported well. The student references leadership concepts learned and uses examples from the film to support their learning. Not more than 1/3 of the paper (approx. 100 words) is used to give an overview of the film and at least half of the paper was substantive leadership concepts. The paper falls within the required 350-500 words.

Organization: (Up to 2.5 points)

The paper is focused, clear and well organized. Sequencing of ideas is logical. Effective transitions between ideas are used. The reader is able to follow the ideas easily.

Style and Mechanics: (Up to 2.5 points)

There are no writing style errors or stylistic anomalies. No more than 2 spelling, grammar, mechanical or usage errors appear in the text. The paper is polished and proofread.