Final Powerpoint Project

ID 3057951

·         A histology slide with images is needed. The image on slide 7 sort of works for this, but perhaps a more real image of something describing histology would be a good addition.

·         You need to clearly define which secondary organ system you are using in this presentation. Your primary organ system is the urinary system and what other system are you using as the secondary system (e.g. cardiovascular, muscular, endocrine, etc.). Clearly state what the primary and secondary organ systems are and them provide specific details on the interaction between those two particular systems, shared functions, and the significance of that interaction. Right now, the information on slides 8 & 9 could be about any two systems. It’s not clear that it’s any two systems. Including images will also earn more points.

·          Images, tables, and references needed for more points in describing kidney stones.

·         Images need to have image credits underneath them. Include "Retrieved from" under the images to show where you got them from and give credit.