Free Will and Self destruction

Choice B: Write a one and a half (1.5) page paper with a clear thesis, body paragraphs, and conclusion that answers the following question: In Notes from the Underground, Dostoyevsky offers a portrait of a man who seems bent on proving his opinions on the rigidity of rational thought versus the open-ended world of free will, even if that freedom of choice means that he is also entiled to self-destructive action. Write a short paper in which you consider whether the Underground Man is cursed by his own intellect. Make sure that you include the signal phrase (title of text and full name of author) in your opening paragraph, and that you directly reference the text with at least one quote, properly formatted for MLA. DRAW SPECIFICALLY FROM THE TEXTS. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. DO NOT REFERENCE OUTSIDE SOURCES (Google, Wikipedia, student guides, encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc.) FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT. USE STANDARD MLA HEADING (see MLA Style Sheet under "Class Information"), CREATE YOUR OWN TITLE FOR YOUR ASSIGNMENT (do not call it Assignment 3 or by the title of the text or the name of the author), AND DOUBLE-SPACE ALL WRITING.