GEB3422 7

GEB3422 – 7


Write a two full page.



·       Identify the role projects play in meeting the goals of an organization.

·       Explain the activities that occur when initiating a project.

·       Classify the components of project planning.

·       Evaluate project implementation techniques.

·       Evaluate project performance.

·       Distinguish project management methodologies and tools.




You are a Senior Project Manager for JBH Software Solutions and are about begin on a new project and training a new associate at the same time. The scope of the project is a total system upgrade for the customer service area. The project has a budget of $15 Million and has a duration of 24 months for completion. Since you are the Senior Project Manager, upper management is looking to you for guidance and best practices for the project management lifecycle at JBH.



Create a project plan for JBH Software Solutions that includes required documentation such as business case, risk mitigation plan, communication plan, scope statement, scorecard, and project timelines. Include details about methodologies and tools used to manage the project. Review the deliverables from prior modules as a guide to complete this assignment.