geography assignment

All of the answer have to be related to los angeles

Question 1Chapter 11 introduces you to Soils.   In this assignment you will investigate the soils of the place you previously investigated.  Knowing about the soils is essential for understanding how the lithosphere, climate, hydrosphere and biosphere interact together.  Submit the following information:

  • Name of your place: los angeles
  • Identify the soil order(s) of your place.  Only use terminology from the textbook.
  • Post a picture of the soil from your place
  • Describe the general characteristics of this soil order
  • What are the main factors controlling the formation of this soil?
  • Based on what you learned in this class explain how the occurrence of this soil order is related to the climate, rivers, and/or geology of your place.
  • How is the distribution of the soil order of your place related to the type of agriculture that occurs there?

Question 2: In the previous assignment you investigated the soils of a place.   In this assignment you will investigate a specific type of unusual, unique and/or severe weather phenomenon of that place.   

  • Dominant Vegetation Types
  • Plant characteristics
  • How are the plants and animals adapted to the areas’ climate
  • Unique Plants
  • Invasive species
  • The impact of fire if any
  • The major environmental challenges to this biome