Health discussions

1. There will be two tasks 

2. Each task has to be 150 words 


(a) describe the habit or behavior you elected to change and say why you chose this as your target behavior, (b) explain how the behavior change goal you set for yourself falls within the SMART criteria (i.e., talk about how your goal measures up to each of the five criteria and clearly demonstrate that you know what each word in the acronym both stands for and means), and (c) discuss how one of the concepts you learned from THIS weeks readings may help you achieve your behavior change. Be specific about which concept and why!

Remember: In your post please be as specific as possible, and cite concepts and issues to demonstrate that you have reviewed all of the required materials. Your statements and opinions must be informed by the assigned materials. 

TASK #1: 

-I dont find it easy to relax and express my feelings freely.

-reading to use (relaxation to calm muscles to sleep faster)

TASK #2: 

-I dont find it easy to manage my stress

-reading to use (dealing with information overload)