History 2510 Voices of Freedom: Maryland Act Concerning Negroes and Other Slaves (1664) 
CHOICE TWO: Chapter 3 Assignment #2 Choice 2
Due: February 15 by 11:30 pm
Potential Earned Points: 20
In the D2L Ebook and Resources folder:
oOpen Chapter 3
oAt the bottom of the screen you will see an arrow pointing to the right.
oScroll to Origins of American Slavery.
oScroll down to page 104 for the reading. 
Read the assigned Maryland Act Concerning Negroes and Other Slaves (1664)
Answer Question 1 using the template below. 
Write a 1-2 paragraph response.
Watch your spelling and capitalization.
If you use direct quotes, please make sure to site at the end as (Foner, page #).
Submit into the D2L Assignment folder: A3C2.
Save as: LastNameA1 (SmithA3C2)
You can either use the MS Word table or text format below:
1. Question:  What does the Maryland law tells us about how the consolidation of slavery 
affected ideas about racial differences?
2. Question:  Why does Winthrop consider “natural” liberty dangerous?