History- How did northern europe differ from southern europe in the late middle ages?

How did northern europe differ  from southern europe in the late middle ages?

Respond to a prompt on page 4 with a clear argument
supported by historical evidence. Draw logical conclusions
based on research and analysis. This assignment calls for an
argument about – not a narrative of – an historical event.

Double-spaced Times New Roman 12-pt font.
5 full pages with 1" margins plus a Works Cited page
Basic mastery of grammar, syntax, and style
Developed paragraphs with topic sentence
An introduction must contain context (who, what, where,
and when) and a thesis statement.
4 scholarly sources , in addition to your textbook, which
occur in Works Cited Page and in-text citations.
All claims (not just direct quotations) require MLA in-text
All in-text citations require both authorship and page
A concluding paragraph attempting to answer the
question – ‘so what?’