“How does Acetylcholine affect heartrate (bpm) in Daphnia?

Procedure:  Design an experiment to answer this question, “How does Acetylcholine affect heartrate (bpm) in Daphnia?”  Write this procedure similar to a cookbook recipe.  Be sure to include the five key parts of a controlled experiment as well.  Note: students can feel free to research more about Daphnia and/or Acetylcholine if they need more information to write their experiment.

This list of materials is what you will be supplied with when the time comes to conduct this experiment in the lab:

Daphnia magna culture     

Concavity Slides     

Acetylcholine bromide

Deionized water

Medicine Cup


Digital Resource Instruction Card



Compound Light Microscope

Students: you will not be carrying out this experiment today, only writing the procedure for it.  Please be sure your instructor reads and approves of your experiment before you leave lab today.


BIO 105 – Week 2 Experimentation (design your own procedure)

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In teams of two, use bullet points to write your controlled experiment for the Daphnia experiment below:  (show your instructor for approval)