Hurricane Katrina

Case Study Guidelines 
Each student will complete a disaster case study with a brief Powerpoint Presentation and video to the class. The purpose of this assignment is to expose you to the problems associated with policy as it relates to disaster response and recovery. Students will select a unique man made or natural disaster approved by the instructor and then write a short (4-6 pages) paper explaining and evaluating the event as laid out in the instructions provided. In addition, youwill be responsible for presenting this disaster to the entire class with a brief Powerpoint and video using Panopto within Blackboard. Please be sure to cite sources you use in the bibliography using APA format and in-text citations. Assignment is worth 100 points. See Appendix B for assignment instructions. See Blackboard for the Grading Rubric. D
Case Study 
Students should select a major U.S. disaster and prepare a written analysis (4-6 pages in length) including bibliography. Students should be prepared to provide a 5-10 minute overview which can be delivered using Powerpoint and recorded using Panopto in Blackboard. Using library and internet sources, the analyses should assess the state of knowledge about the disaster and provide an analysis that includes: 
A) a brief (1-2 page) description of the disaster and the emergency management effort; 
B) the nature and location of the disaster (i.e., natural or technological/manmade); 
C) the number of human casualties and amount of property loss. 
d) social and economic demographics and vulnerabilities of the area 
e) the government(s) having jurisdictional responsibility and involved in the disaster response and recovery effort; 
f) the involvement of nonprofit and for-profit actors in the response and recovery effort; 
g) the major planning and policy issues raisede.g., lack of mitigation effort, inadequacy of preparedness, response failure, recovery problems; 
h) the disaster planning the community had undertaken prior to the incident. Once you have the video complete, you will upload it at the designated assignment link. 
Please pay close attention to directions
Also, here is the book Disaster Policy and Politics
Please email me if you need to access the book.
Cite scholarly sources and reference this book ,in the paper, I listed