The final research paper is to be turned in via the school Learning Management System (LMS), which is either Blackboard or Brightspace. This paper will be at least four or more pages in length (excluding your title and reference pages).  This paper is the final component of your previous capstone assignment submissions (parts topic and outline); those assignments provided the foundation for this paper and provide the framework for your PowerPoint and video presentations.  This paper should cover the history of your logistics topic, current state of affairs, and future company / industry outlook, and the relevant logistics components . (Note: this is not a company information only paperin other words, this is not a paper to tell the reader only about information found in the “About” section of a company website like name of company and their marketing information about how great or efficient they are). Sources need to be documented using APA Format. Remember: Wikipedia is not a valid source for a college level research project.  The paper will be evaluated on the following criteria (100 points): I ALSO NEED A 7 SLIDE POWERPOINT WITH THE PAPER