Intelligentlecture Five Provided Insight Comparis

Intelligentlecture Five Provided Insight Comparis

Smart, Clever, and Intelligent

Lecture Five provided insight into intelligence: what it means, how we measure it, and the different types it can comprise. Intelligence, of course, ties closely to our memories and our language.
In the discussion, you were asked to define the words “smart,” “clever,” and “intelligent” in your own words. For the exercise, you’re going to take it a step further, comparing your definitions with those in the dictionary, providing examples of people who fit the bill, and tying these examples to what you’ve learned about IQ and memory.

Write a 1-2 page paper focused on the terms “smart,” “clever,” and “intelligent.
Provide examples for each terms.
Determine which of the terms best applies to a con artist.
Analyze how each type of person demonstrates IQ, types of intelligence, and types of memory.

For this exercise, you will write a brief (1-2 page) paper delving into more detail about these terms.
Begin your paper by comparing your original definitions to the “real” definitions in the dictionary. How close were you?
Continue on to give examples of people in your life that would be classified under each term and explain why. Additionally, use the “real” definitions to explain which of the three terms best describes a con artist. Is a con artist smart, clever, or intelligent? Why?
Finally, I would like you to relate your findings and examples to some additional questions about intelligence and memory. Consider the following:

  • Where might a smart person, a clever person, and an intelligent person fall on an IQ scale (below average, average, or above average)? Why?
  • What types of intelligence, such as those from Gardner’s list, would each person demonstrate?
  • Where does social intelligence and/or emotional intelligence figure in to each type of person?
  • What type of memory (sensory, STM, LTM) is most important to each type of person?
  • Are all people intelligent in some way, or are some people not intelligent at all?

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