Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology

Lab Session: Week 3

Answer the following questions. Provide citations and references when required

Quantitative Experimental Research involves studying causations where one or more independent variables are actively manipulated to determine their effect on one or more dependent variables

1a) What is an independent variable?

1b) What is a dependent variable?


For your research project, you will form a hypothesis that states how a change in an independent variable might cause a change in the dependent variable.

You will also need to explain why this change occurs based on what you have found in the literature.

2a) What is a hypothesis?

2b) Identify the hypothesis for one of the articles that you have found in the literature search

2c) Identify the independent variable(s). Describe how the independent variable(s) was manipulated in the article?

2d) How was the dependent variable measured in the article?


3a) State the hypothesis you wish to test

3b) Identify the independent variable and the dependent variable in your hypothesis

3c) State why you think the variables will be related in the manner specified by the hypothesis (not more than 2 paragraphs)

For Assignment 4: Think about how you will manipulate/measure the independent variable and how you will measure the dependent variable in your hypothesis