introspective evaluation

Now that you have taken the first exam for this course, we want to offer you an opportunity to reflect not only on this course but also the first exam itself. The purpose of this reflection is to assess your approach and to find some key ways to improve your learning process. Keep in mind, this assignment is not about venting how the exams are too difficult or challenging; it is not about how you are not used to these types of case study questions; it is not about feeling you do not have enough time to complete the exam. It is not about blaming others. This assignment is about introspective evaluation and personal growth. The most important piece of this is to be honest with yourself! Use this time not to complain, but to find solutions and strategies for improvement.

That said, we would like for you to write an essay and address the three following questions:
1. How do I study and prepare for the Patho exams and how does this study approach differ from other courses?
2. What can I do to improve my testing skills during the exam period?
3. What do I want to gain from Nursing 337, besides the obvious "I want to learn about Patho so I can get to the clinical setting?"

Essay criteria
At least 1.5 pages in length with proper grammar
12 Font size
Times New Roman Font
Single spaced (but double spaced between paragraphs)
Submit the file as a word document (doc, docx)