Investor Presentation

Select a Fortune 500 company or another company you are familiar with. Consider pharmaceuticals, computer hardware, retail, or automotive industries for your selection. If you choose a company that is not in the Fortune 500, ensure that enough financial information and key performance indicator results are available to complete the assignment.

Imagine your manager has asked you to help with a presentation on the companys financial performance at the companys annual meeting. 

Research financial information and key performance indicators for the company.

Create a 10- to 16-slide presentation for investors to assess the companys financial growth and sustainability.

Identify key performance indicators for the company you selected, including the following:

The company and its ticker symbol

Cash flow from operations

Price-to-earnings ratio

Stock dividends and the yield, if any

Earnings per share ratio

Revenue estimates for the next 12 months

Revenue from the previous 3 years

Statement of cash flows and identify net cash from operating, investing, and financing activities over the past 3 years

Average trade volume.

Current stock price, 52-week high, and 1-year estimated stock price

Analysts recommendations for the stock (buy,sell, hold)

Market cap for the company

Relate the stock price to price-to-earnings ratio.

Explain the market capitalization and what it means to the investor.

Evaluate trends in stock price, dividend payout, and total stockholders equity. Relate recent events or market conditions to the trends you identified.

Determine, based on your analysis, whether you think the organization is going to meet its financial goals, the outlook for growth and sustainability, and explain why you recommend this stock for purchase.

Cite references to support your assignment.


Format your citations according to APA guidelines.