Kids29 White Picket Fencesmidscale Discussion

Kids29 White Picket Fencesmidscale Discussion

Discussion – Geo-Demo-Psychographic Segmentation MKTG561_60

Review the commercial service Geo-Demo-Psychographic Segmentation – PRIZM – Nielsen (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. to identify segments for a (ONLY ONE) US zip code (your home OR work OR grandmother’s home OR dog park?) Post the PRIZM segment descriptions for your zipcode (please mention the zip code and town name in your response) in the discussion forum and pasting your town URL. Do you agree with them?

Please identify at least two classmates that share one of your PRIZM dominant segments. Have you visited or read about their town? Did you find/detect any similarities prior to this assignment?

Word limit for posts is 300 and 150 for responses.s.

please comment two of your classmates’ descriptions in a meaningful way prior

I wrote the two comment below


The zip code I choose to input for the Nielsen application is 06089. 06089, is my new zip code in Weatogue,Connecticut in which I moved to last year. The PRIZM segment descriptions for my zip code were the following:

  • 05 Country Squires
    • Wealthy Middle Age Family Mix
  • 09 Big Fish, Small Pond
    • Upscale Mature Mostly w/o Kids
  • 29 White Picket Fences
    • Midscale Younger Family Mix
  • 32 Traditional Times
    • Upper Mid(Scale) Mature w/o Kids
  • 38 Hometown Retired
    • Midscale Older Mostly w/o Kids

After reading my outputs I received from the application, I do agree with the statements except for one. Most common segments did not include kids. Weatogue, which is a village within the town Simsbury is a very child orientated town. Weatogue is filled with parks as well as very prestigious schools. When I received new employment, I researched the area in which I work to see the best family centered town. Weatogue/Simsbury came back in the Top 5 in the area. Being new to Connecticut this is what appealed me to Weatogue to call it my home.



My partner and I are looking at houses in Bridgewater, NJ to purchase so I chose their zip code (08807) for this exercise.

The following segments were found for the 08807 zip code:

  • 02 Networked Neighbors – Wealthy Middle Age Mostly w/ Kids
  • 03 Movers & Shakers – Wealthy Older Mostly w/o Kids
  • 05 Country Squires – Wealthy Middle Age Family Mix
  • 09 Big Fish, Small Pond – Upscale Mature Mostly w/o Kids
  • 22 Middleburg Managers – Upscale Middle Age Family Mix

02 Networked Neighbors and 05 Country Squires are ‘Family Life’ segments whereas all of the other segments are considered a ‘Mature Years’ segment.’ The ‘Family Life’ segment seems appropriate and was expected as we are looking at the area for the school district.

The age range of these segments are mid-40s to mid-60s – so somewhere in the mid-life stage. From this analysis it seems that a lot of people in Bridgewater are retiring or relocating for purchasing a second home. This was expected as we knew Bridgewater was not a “young town”. There are many families with older kids when we drive around with the realtor.

I am a little surprised to see the word “wealthy” so much for these segments. We are able to find homes in our price range (which is a modest/average amount) and the property taxes are far less than most places we looked. I also grew up in the area and wouldn’t consider it as wealthy as other neighborhoods I’ve seen in Somerset County and Morris County. Also, the average rent for an average 1 bedroom apartment in Bridgewater, NJ from Numbeo is $1,400 which is less than the NJ average of $1,757. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

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