leadership style

Leadership Perspective Paper

Unlike most formal papers, the use of the first person is permitted for the assignment. APA 7th ed and section titles must be used. This paper is to reflect on your personal leadership perspective and will include the following sections:
10 hours clinical practice required. Refer to course schedule for due date.

1. My Leadership Style (50 points)
• My background and how I developed my leadership point of view
• Find a leadership evaluation tool for personal use online that is valid and reliable in construct. Complete the tool and include what the selected leadership assessment told you (Cite the reference for the tool and include a copy in the appendix to the paper.)
• My preferred leadership and organizational theories and why
o Specify and explain the selected leadership and organizational theories.
o Provide relevant research. Cite sources
2. The organization I lead or am a part of (50 points)
• A brief description of the organization
• My vision for this organization
• Address values, outcomes, culture, and other important elements.
• The developmental stages of most people I lead or work with

3. My Leadership Strategies (50 points)
• How I can best produce change in my organization
• Cite references justifying the strategies related to your situation.
• How I can use my power and aura for promoting positive outcomes
• My strategic priorities for my organization
• How I can best lead execution of the daily operations of my organization
• My evaluation plan for determining my personal leadership success

Grading Criteria Points Possible
Content comprehensively addresses all required elements as noted above. 150
The writing and mechanics exemplify doctoral level skills
• Flow, grammar, punctuation; see page 6 of this syllabus and use of APA style 25
All references cited in the body of the paper are listed. Only references cited in the body of the paper are listed. Sources show a variety of recent and classic works, as well as both nursing and non-nursing literature. Primary sources are used as much as possible. 25
Total points 200