Learning Challenge 2

Take one of the following statement and ask what kinds of policies would be helpful to the specific vulnerable populations in them.  Just choose one and talk about the statement and what type of policies do you feel should be put in place.  Think outside of the box when you are doing this exercise (plenty of social workers, plenty of money, etc).  

1.  The American poverty rate was 12.67 percent in 2006 – or almost one percentage point higher than in 2001.  It rose to 15.1 percent by 2010 – the highest level since 1992.  It fell to 12.7% in 2016 based on data of the US Census Bureau – or 43.1 million Americans.  


2.  In 2016, 28.6 million (9%) of persons of all ages were uninsured according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  


3.  The poverty rate for all women ages 18 and older was 13% in 2016 compared with 10% for men according to the Henry J Kaiser Family Foundation.