Learning disabilities

This is a highschool research paper. It needs to have three proof of problems, two groups affected, and three solutions. Proof of the problem paragrahs: Approximatly 2 pages, minimum of 6 citations per paragraph and 2 sourcesper paragraph. Two groups affected paragraphs: Approximetely 2 pages, minimum of 3 citations per group and 2 sources per group. Three solutions paragraphs: Approximately 3 pages, minimum of 3 citations per group, minimum 2 sources per group.

Currently I only have the proof of the problem typed out and a little of the groups affected typed. I would like for anyone to rewrite what i have right now and also finish the rest. I already have 6 sourced you can use but i would still want you to find  a few more to find more information. Some databases i would like for you to choose from are CQ researcher, Issues and Controversies, Todays science, Worlds News Digest, JSTOR, or Gale ebooks.

– 7 pages
-Times new Roman font
-12 pt. font size
-No pictures or graphics
-works cited page at the end with at least 6 sources
General writing rules: Do not use 1st person, do not use 2nd person, do not abbreviate ot use symbols, do not use contractions, Use people first language( “people with disabilities” not disabled people”), avoid using questions.