Lesson Plan assignment

Throughout the semester students will analyze lesson plans that are developmentally appropriate for the students they are working with in their lab time experiences. Lesson plans will obtain via Amplify materials (or another high-quality instructional material site) and implemented with children in the field and cover the following content areas: Concepts about Print, Spelling, and Phonics. The student will design developmentally appropriate assessments to monitor students learning during the lessons. 
  1. Using Amplify or another high- quality instructional material site, choose a developmentally appropriate 
  2. lesson plan for the students you are working with in your lab time experiences(Pre-k-6th)  Lesson plan must 
  3. include concepts about print, spelling, and/ or phonics.
  4. Implement the lesson plan with those students.
  5. Design a developmentally appropriate assessment to monitor their learning during the lesson.
  6. Write a paper detailing the following items:
    1. What made you choose that lesson?
    2. What did you do to prepare before the lesson.
    3. Reflect on how the lesson went.  Include next steps and what you would do differently, etc.
  7. Be sure the attach the lesson plan, the reflection, and formative assessment used.