Letter about Issues Caribbean women are facing

Letter to the Editor: Select an issue that Caribbean women are experiencing either here in the U.S. or in their homeland, that you believe has received little attention by media outlets. Select a media outlet and write a letter to the editor of that outlet describing what the issue is, why it is an issue, why it is important to you, why others should care about it, and why you believe that outlet should cover said issue. The outlet could be a newspaper or magazine of your choosing, but you should create a convincing argument about why they should cover the problem. Thus, appeal to them and their readership. Should be two-three pages. Include and cite all references used to complete the assignment.

Extra Credit: If you provide me with an image and short summary (no more than a paragraph) of the issue you selected and why it is important to post on Instagram, I will give you 2 points of extra credit.