LRC Physics

Students will create an LRC Research paper covering one of the below topics (or select another physics-related topic based on the discussion during the lecture and the material covered in the textbook). Students will submit the research paper and a research log (A separate research log with the work cited is required) as a file upload under this assignment by the due date (end of week 11).

The research paper is 3-4 pages in length (not including the title page, abstract, and work cited/references), in APA format. The document will be double spaced, using 12 font type in Word or PDF format. 

Pay close attention to the in-text citations, after or part of each paragraph, following the APA format requirements. Three sources are required, including the textbook. Document all your sources in the log sheet and on the work-cited/reference page. For example:

(Heavy social media use can be linked to depression and other mental disorders in teens (Asmelash, 2019).)

Ideally, when citing a source, paraphrase the content, using your own words. A direct quotation must be inside quotation marks and should only be used sparingly.  Avoid special characters, or bold letters, italicized words, or different fonts. If a photo is inserted, please add the image credit, directly underneath it. 

Deductions will be taken if the length of the paper is too short, it does not follow the APA format, or if the in-text citations and work cited page are missing or incomplete.

Available Topics

• Newton’s Laws of Motion
• The physics behind the projectile motion and its many applications (Sports, military field, etc.)
• Planetary Motion
• The Moon and its phases
• The Conservation of Energy Principle
• Kinetic Energy versus Potential Energy
• Pascal’s Principle
• Atmospheric Pressure (including the factors that influence it)
• Boyle -Mariotte ‘ law for ideal gases
• Types of flow that we encountered in the circulatory system
• Bernoulli’s principle
• The three temperature scales and the history behind them
• The transfer of heat (the three mechanisms of heat transfer)
• Electricity and magnetism
• Electrical Circuits-types and applications
• The basics of Ultrasound Waves
• Rainbows