Managers and Leaders

Write and tell a story about a challenge you, your company or someone you know is facing or has faced. Tell a story that you would share with people who you want to follow your lead. What lesson do you want them to learn from the story? Think about how you want the story to motivate their actions or impact their behavior. Stories are a powerful leadership tool. Be sure to include all the elements of a good story. Your story should get people to follow you as opposed to doing what you want because they report to you.

Here are the grading criteria. 

Story Elements



  1. Was the setting/context adequately described in enough detail? What were key elements of the setting? Was it clear?
  2. Who? What? Where? When? Why?
  3. Who was the lead character? Was the character adequately described in enough detail? Did you know what you needed to know the lead character as it relates to the story?


  1. Was there a challenge the character faced? What was it? Was it clearly described? Did it fit with the rest of the story?
  2. What was the choice or decision the character had to make?
  3. Were there different actions to overcome the challenge? Did the story included lessons learned?


  1. What was the outcome? Was in clearly described and did it fit with the story?
  2. Was there a call to action for listeners of the story? Was it clear what was being asked?
  3. What was the moral of the story? Was it stated or implicit? Could you describe the moral of the story?