Mark Twain reading

(Read the following–“The Story of a Good Little Boy”; “The Story of a Bad Little Boy”; “A Day at Niagara”; “How I Edited an Agricultural Paper”; “The Diary of Adam and Eve”; “Extract from Captain Stormfield’s Visit to Heaven”.) 1. In the ‘Good Boy/Bad Boy’ stories what is Twain’s message? 2. The ‘Day’ and ‘Agricultural’ stories are good examples of his humor. How does he make each of these funny? How is he playing around with ethnic/cultural stereotypes in the ‘Day’ story (ie–why do the ‘Indians’ have an Irish accent?) 3. Organized religion (and man’s place in the universe) was often a target for Twain’s humor. How does he treat these two topics in these stories? (One of these days, read ‘The Mysterious Stranger’, too.) 4. What is your general impression of these works?