Material & Method Critique

you will critique a health education material of your choice and write a 3-page critique paper. For example, you may select a public service announcement on bullying in schools, a brochure from local doctors office on healthy eating, or a social media campaign on emergency preparedness. Several examples will be provided in class. Note: These materials should be developed by a community-based organization, government agency, or another health education agency, and NOT by a private entity. You must include a link to the material reviewed or a copy of the print material in the paper. You should analyze the material using concepts discussed in class and should consider several of the following:

For this assignment, articles from newspapers or magazine on the Covid-19 pandemic are acceptable. The points for analysis below should be used.

  • Describe the health education material, including:
  • Key public health issues, including local and national statistics
  • Key messages
  • Materials (e.g., types, content)
  • Target community and/or population
  • Describe a theoretical framework health educators may have considered to develop this material or identify one that may assist their efforts
  • Describe research health educators may have considered to develop this material or identify studies that may assist their efforts
  • Is the material scientifically accurate? Culturally appropriate? Prepared at an appropriate literacy level? Visually appealing?
  • What are the strengths and limitations of the health education material?