Watch Marion Urch’s video The Fascinating Art of the Ritual Feast.  

Begin by stating which theme, alternative television, radical uses of communication, or critique of representation, best interprets the video. Define the theme you will be using in your own words.

Then explain how the video illustrates two  associated with the theme you selected. Describe details from the video that illustrate the thematic qualities.  

Upload your response of at least 200 words as a Word document or PDF. 

notes from teacher: societal pressures -This isn’t a theme. See the assignment instructions and the module for the module’s themes.

acceptable themes:

:Low resolution is a level of low clarity or blurriness in a video obscuring subjects and/or events and creating ambiguities

.Sound/Video Relationship: The relationship between two qualities of Television, recording a sound or image and being able to record over or manipulate the image/sound. How sound and video are produced leaves the viewer questioning what is going on and what will happen.

Tonal value- a videos use of lights and darks to create dimension. There can be high tonal value where there are dark darks in contrast with light lights or low tonal value where the darks and lights are not in an intense contrast.  

Material Qualities- The physical objects (materials) that are being utilized for a medium. 

Self-reflexivity: a video’s ability to record and display its own operations–both its material and procedural qualities–which lends itself to modernist artworks that encourage active reflection by the viewer on those operations and their significance.

Video-feedback – A phenomenon that occurs when a screen records itself using an external camera, that produces an infinite loop on the screen that distorts and shapes a new reality in real-time.

low quality- a video that is not necessarily clear and or hard to see