mona lisa

Historical Opinion Essay

1302Spring 2022

Who was the main model for da Vinci’s Mona Lisa?

Due February 18

It took Leonardo da Vinci approximately seven years to complete the Mona Lisa.  There is absolutely no way one person could sit and model the portrait over seven years.  Furthermore, the painting did not end up in the hands of the person who commissioned it.  Why?

You are to research the painting of the Mona Lisa.  Who were the possible models he used for the portrait?  Your paper is to reach a conclusion as to whom was his main model for the project?   Why did it end up in The Louvre?  

Your essay’s is to be approximately 800 words, one-sided, Font 12, Times New Roman, excluding notes and bibliography.  You are to use a minimum of four sources in your paper.  Additional sources not used should be listed along with used sources on a separate bibliographical page.  Any material in your essay that was written by someone else needs a reference note (either in the form of a footnote at the bottom of page or in the form of an endnote at the end of your essay).  Make a cover page with your name, date submitted, title of your essay, and Course Number, including section number.

I prefer you to hand me a hard-copy of your paper by February 18.  However, if you choose to email it to me, it must be saved and emailed in PDF format.