Movie review questions

Watch the short film and answer the following questions.

  1. What is DNA?
  2. What is DNA very good at?
  3. How many chromosomes does each parent contribute to their offspring?
  4. What is one major difference between males and females in their production of gametes (eggs and sperm)?
  5. How many sperm are produced by the average human male?
  6. What percent of fertilized eggs fail to develop?
  7. The blatocyst must do two things to survive, it must break out of the zona and what else?
  8. Two weeks after conception, the cells organize themselves into an _______, a process called gastrulation.
  9. The beginning of the nervous system is known as the _________?
  10. What are the molecules that build your body?
  11. How do cells know exactly where they are and what they are supposed to become?
  12. What allows nerve impulses to travel faster?
  13. Where specifically does the baby get its nutrients from?
  14. Does the blood of the mother and the baby ever mix?
  15. What is the main job of the fetus during the last trimester?
  16. Why is it harder for human babies to be delivered than other animals?
  17. Please describe two specific things that you learned from watching this film. If you didn’t learn anything describe two pieces of knowledge that were reinforced.
  18. Are you or do you plan to become a parent one day? Why or why not? Has watching this movie changed your perception of or plans to become a  parent? If so, in what way? Please explain your response.