Multimedia Identity Development Project

Part 1– Create: Amultimedia project that explores Identity development and addresses at leastone of the Identity Statuses and one Identity domain. Choose from one of thefollowing multimedia formats:


Song: Instrumental, vocalised,spoken word, etc., poem, short story

Fine art piece: painting, drawing,sculpture, collage, etc.,

Podcast interview

Script for a play or movie

Short dance

Other (If you choose other, itmust be expressible and an appropriate medium that will allow you to presentit as a way of submittal.)



Part 2– Explanation:Include an audio/video or written explanation about why your project representsIdentity, an Identity Status, and an Identity domain, for you.


The explanation is in addition tothe above project specs.

Explanation length:

Audio/Video Explanation: 1-1.5minutes

Written Explanation: 3-5paragraphs