My Life in Education

Assignment: After reading the assigned readings in They Say, I Say, you will write a 700-1000 word argumentative paper on a related topic.

While you will choose a topic that you find interesting or that you can relate to, you will not be writing a personal reflection or an opinion piece. You will be using the rhetorical skills we discussed in class and that you read about in They Say, I Say.

In this paper, you will take a stance on your chosen topic and use 2 essays we read in class from the book They Say, I Say. Use these two essays from the book as sources Stephanie Owen and Isabel Sawhill “Should Everyone Go to College” and Charles Murray, “Are Too Many People Going to College?

You will use these academic sources as evidence to support your points, or you can use them to show what others (they) say that might be counter to your points. 

This paper will be typed in MLA format with a Works Cited page