News Analysis Paper

For your paper: You are going to choose a news story related to religion and sex or gender. There is a list of potential articles attached to this assignment folder. The majority of your paper must be rhetorical analysis. You should examine the rhetoric the article uses to convince the reader to its point of view, and/or explain what the news coverage assumes about religion and/or sexuality. You can think about why the article chooses the images it does to accompany the story, or who is being quoted and who is not, how the author presents and interprets statistics, etc.

This paper should be a balanced assessment and analysis of the rhetoric, not a statement of your own personal feelings about whether the author is correct. You may briefly summarize the contents of the article, but your paper should not just summarize the contents, but rather should analyze them, as described above. Please provide a link to the story at the end of your paper so we know which one you wrote about.

This is the new I chose

Buddhist monks teaching safer sex: